Haida Gwaii - Ocean Adventures Charter Co. Ltd. - Relief Captain / Lead Guide

Company:Ocean Adventures Charter Co. Ltd.

Location:Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site

Contract Length :Part time relief. 3-4 weeks in July 2018

Job Title & Description:Relief Captain and lead guide on 50' tour boat running 8 day ecotours through the protected are in South Moresby.
( Please contact us for full details)

Ocean Adventures is a well established company running tours in Gwaii Haanas and the BC coast for 21 years

Requirements:60 ton Captains ticket and all associated requirements
Basic wilderness first aid
Significant experience in Gwaii Haanas as a Captain or crew person.
Excellent people skills
Clean safety record
( Please contact us for full details)

Contact Information:info@oceanadventures.bc.caor 604-812-9161