Central Coast, BC - Nimmo Bay Resort - Dishwashers / Housekeepers

Company: Nimmo Bay Resort

Location: Central BC Coast, nearest town is Port McNeill

Contract Length : Full-time from May-October

Job Title & Description: We are looking for dishwashers and housekeepers for the upcoming 2018 season at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort. Nimmo Bay is a remote, fly-in wilderness resort and our nearest town is Port McNeill. Dishwashers and Housekeepers work and live on-site for 3 week shifts with 10 days out between shifts. Compensation is above industry standard and there are many recreation opportunities for employees to enjoy while at the lodge. We place high value on the health and happiness of our team and expect hard work and positive attitudes! Please contact us with your resume for more details and job descriptions.

Requirements: Prior experience not required but is beneficial

Contact Information: heli@nimmobay.com1800-837-4354