Salt Spring, BC - Day Guide - Salt Spring Adventure Co

  • Salt Spring Adventure Co Ltd
    Contact Person Yvonne Poirier, Owner, 1-250-537-2764
    Position Day Guide
    Description Kayak Day guides work 5-6 days/week in peak season. You will put out 2-3 tours a day usually. May is packed with School trips. June, September, and October you will not work as much, and July and August, you might find yourself working a little more! When it rains, it pours so we work as hard as we can in the peak season. Our season is short so we get while the getting is good! If you can drive pulling a trailer that is great, and if you are looking for a company to get comfortable in for a few seasons or more, even better! You must have a drivers license please.
    Guiding Area Gulf Islands
    Salary $15.00/hour
    Work Term May - October